Sunday, 4 July 2010


After a heavy nights drinking last night and not getting back to the hotel till 4am we hungoverly packed up out gear to leave at 9.30, get some food and hit the road.

Chris spent the early hours of the morning wrapped around the shared bathroom toilet throwing up meanwhile the rest of us crashed in the cramped bedroom where Alex and I were sleeping on the ground.

It was a bit of a slow start to the morning due to all the alcohol consumed last night but we got things organized and headed to the base of Mount Robson where we had to purchase the nights camping ground at the 22km mark and watch a crummy 13 minute video where we left after 2 minutes cause we didn’t want to spoil the sights that we would see on the hike anyway.

The hike at first was relatively easy leaving the start point at just after 11am and not too steep although at times it did pick up and with the weight of our things in our packs it was quite tiresome.

From the turquoise blue fresh water lakes, the gigantic crazy waterfalls, the amazing glaciers and of course the huge snowcapped peak of Mount Robson, this hike certainly was worth it although physically demanding.

The pictures Ill put up with this will certainly not justify the views we were seeing but trust me when I say it really was spectacular.

At about the 20km mark the boys wanted to get to the top of a peak to get a nice view, I did too but without having to climb the crazy cliffs and steep inclines to get there.

We found one peak that looked doable but we had to cross a bunch of glacier freezing shallow water rivers having to take our boots off to cross them only to find the last river too deep to cross. At this point we had to turn around spoiling the boy’s plans and I suppose mine too only to have to cross the rivers again without boots. The water was unbearably cold to a point where our feet were hurting from the chill.

Another 2km walk to the campground and some more amazing views along the way including the thundering crashes of avalanches on the other side of the mountain we made it to the campground we paid for. There were quite a few people here all camped out (Mostly Eastern European’s and Germans) with a cabin to chill out in.

It really was a hell of a walk and after eating our cold baked beans, tuna, bread and a shot of rum we headed off to bed.

The hike Up

Me on a bridge up to Mount Robson

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