Sunday, 4 July 2010


After the epic hike up the mountain yesterday all of our legs were ruined, so i suppose you can understand why we slept in till 11am. We packed up our gear and left it at the shelter and headed further up the mountain to toboggan falls which was quite an amazing sight, the waterfall cascades down a 45 degree slope for about 300 meters or so.

After we decided to hike to a peak to get a view of the surrounding mountains, it was a difficult and even dangerous hike up as most of it was shale rock and at times very windy.

We made it to the top no problems where I took a panoramic and several pics of us as proof we did it, it really was an incredible view from where we were.

We hiked back down to the shelter to have lunch and pick up our gear for the trek back down, we didn’t leave the shelter till 3pm and it was 22km to the trail head.

It was a tedious walk down but we didn’t want to be caught out in the dark, even though it did rain, didn’t stop for any breaks and our feet were caning we made it back to the car at 8pm.

We drove the hour back to Jasper where we rushed having showers before grabbing some pizza as most places were closed. Sunday nights in Jasper is local night were all the locals drink at the Athabasca Hotel bar, it was a pretty crazy night as one of the girls working at the pizza shop we ate at earlier and I hooked up. Megan was crazy and although she talked a lot was a pretty sound girl… I went back to hers to “watch some cartoons”.

360 Pano at a peak near Mount Robson

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