Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Naomi volunteers some weekends to take some paraplegic people trekking. I decided to join as it would be an experience and also helping out the disabled. We left around midday to North Vancouver after eating some lunch/breakfast. There are some nice trails around and when we arrived I got to meet a bunch of volunteers and 4 people in Wheelchairs, they were each put on special single wheeled off road modified chairs where 2 of the volunteers would have to support it both at the front and back of the chair.

I helped out in front for the good portion of the 2 hour trek and ill tell you what; it really gets you into shape especially having to carry them up and down stairs.

I got to meet some cool people and had a lot of fun.

We stopped by the supermarket and I got some food for my trip. Oh, and guess what I found some Mi Gorang noodles!!!!! YAY! For those who don’t know they are the best 2 minute noodles you can get and taste amazingly good.

Later I chilled at Naomis place whilst she was dancing (I’ve seen a bunch of videos and she’s incredibly talented), I cooked up a roast and started marinating my beef Jerky im attempting to make. I also made another pop can stove which involves the base of two pop or beer cans fitted together with a series of holes on the outside. The fuel used is Methyl Hydrate and it works a treat as you can see in the pic.

Volunteering on a Hike, North Vancouver
My home-made Pot Stove made from Beer cans! works a treat, Aye


Naomi and I set off on the bus to Stanley park where we were suppose to meet some of her soccer buddies but because we were running last we missed out on playing pitch and put golf. Instead we cycled…well I cycled and she bladed around the park… it really is amazing and some of the views were really amazing. And for a park in the center of the city it certainly is one of the best ive seen.

Because I was drinking some beer I was pouring into a energy drink bottle at some point I accidently left my tripod on a bench but thankfully after leaving it there for a good 30 minutes no one had taken it, I was happy to be able to use it later to take some pretty cool shots of the park and city.

We made our way back to Naomis place where we ate some leftovers and I had a nap.

We later met up with Eric (whom I met with Naomi in Santorini in Greece) and his girl friend for bubble tea, I tried the mango one that was sickeningly sweet but still good with those crazy slimy balls at the bottom of the glass.

We played this card game called Guillotine which is a crazy game and to took a while to get used to, it was fun for 2 games then we set off back home.

We had a few more drinks and then we got some Nachos at a vegetarian place down the road where I met another one of Naomis friends (Jesse) where we talked for a while about cycling.

Olympic Nuk-Shuk, Vancouver HDR
Olympic Nuk-Shuk 2, Vancouver HDR
Drinking and Cycling... Always Fun
Cruising about Stanley Park, Vancouver
Naomi Posing on a Pole.
David Lam Park, Vancouver, Small World.jpg

Today was another day for me to sort out stuff for my trip, last night ‘again’ on craigslist I found a bike lock for $15 so I went to meet the guy selling it in westend Vancouver. Cycling there would have been good fun if it wasn’t for the pissing rain. I cycled there anyway in jeans for some reason… anyways the guy (Another Aussie) was nice and we chatted for a while. I ran some errands around town stopping by the library to find a guide book about cycling the pacific coast, unfortunately not finding it.

Also I made an appointment at a travel health clinic to get my shots for central and south America that will set me back $140 for a Tuesday midday appointment.

Although it’s a Friday I decided to stay in to save a little bit of my money, I know its lame but ill have a better and longer time further south when I finally get there.

Vancouver Library


What a busy day. Running about a bunch of stores sorting out different parts for my bike and other shit I needed for my trip.

Last night I was looking on Craiglist and found a guy selling his front Pannier rack for $20, its normally worth $40 so that was a good deal. I was suppose to meet the guy at the community center around the corner from Naomi’s place but went I arrived to meet him it turns out the community center had moved. I rushed to meet him and fortunately caught up with him.

I then went shopping for bicycle parts including tools, lube and pannier bags.

Whist doing this I had my bike locked up using a baggage lock I bought in India, its not the securest lock for my bike but it had to do.

When exiting one of the stores I see a guy standing around my bike and when I approached him closer he sees me and hops into his car. I thought this was a bit suspicious but thought nothing of it until I unlocked my bike, it seemed this guy tried to rip my bike from the post as there are now deep scraches from the chain in the frame of the bike. By the time I realized this the guy had sped off in his van… what a prick!

Anyways, later I looked around thrift stores for something I could use to modify my back rack so it could support my rucksack, whist looking I found a pair of aluminum crutches for $3 I only took one but it seems to be perfect to support my bag. I mounted it using cable ties and its now rock solid.

Across the road from Naomis place was another thrift store, this place was amazing where you are able to sort through all the junk and everything is dirt cheap, I spent a good hour and a half looking through all the junk. I even finally managed to find myself a cell phone for $5, a bumbag for $1 (for the front of my bike that a specialized one costs $50) and another bag that fits my laptop very snug.

I headed back to home for a nap before Naomi and I headed to a party, it was her ultimate frizbee teem. Now, I had heard the name of the sport but never played it, it seems to be more or less like netball but using a frizbee instead of a ball and played on a court similar to American rules football. This party was just a gathering of her teammates to have food and a few drinks and it was great fun, I got to meet some randoms and the food was so good.


One month today ive been traveling for 5 years… that’s Crazy.

After eating the left-over spag-bol for breky at Christinas I cycled down the hill to the hostel where I was meeting with rose to take me to Vancouver, I said my farewells to everyone and after packing the car with my dismantled bike got out of there at around 1pm.

It was a good but hot journey in her car as the air conditioning was broken but still Rose is a barrel of laughs.

Looking at the road from Merrit down towards Vancouver I thought I really should have cycled it, it was downhill for what seemed like forever… ive have to do this at some point.

We got into Vancouver where I was dropped off at Naomis place, I first met Naomi in Greece 2 years ago and shes always happy to put me up every time I pass through Van.

She fed me a nice meal and an extraordinary dessert which was blueberry and lemon zest cake… it was delicious.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Again, I have changed my Bog posting to www.jonostravelblog.blogspot.com

Sunday, 4 July 2010


I arrived back at the hotel where the boys were staying (I even paid for the night) after spending most of the morning with Megan. I said farewell to her and got some shit done (no pun intended (only ill get this)) in town before the boys and I headed to join the rest of the tree planting crew 4 hours away down a dirt road into the middle of nowhere.

I slept for most of the journey and when we arrived at camp it was raining and very muddy. It really was a shit show. It was good to meet some new tree planters and catch up with some old ones. Back to Planting!!! L