Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Today was another day for me to sort out stuff for my trip, last night ‘again’ on craigslist I found a bike lock for $15 so I went to meet the guy selling it in westend Vancouver. Cycling there would have been good fun if it wasn’t for the pissing rain. I cycled there anyway in jeans for some reason… anyways the guy (Another Aussie) was nice and we chatted for a while. I ran some errands around town stopping by the library to find a guide book about cycling the pacific coast, unfortunately not finding it.

Also I made an appointment at a travel health clinic to get my shots for central and south America that will set me back $140 for a Tuesday midday appointment.

Although it’s a Friday I decided to stay in to save a little bit of my money, I know its lame but ill have a better and longer time further south when I finally get there.

Vancouver Library

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