Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Naomi and I set off on the bus to Stanley park where we were suppose to meet some of her soccer buddies but because we were running last we missed out on playing pitch and put golf. Instead we cycled…well I cycled and she bladed around the park… it really is amazing and some of the views were really amazing. And for a park in the center of the city it certainly is one of the best ive seen.

Because I was drinking some beer I was pouring into a energy drink bottle at some point I accidently left my tripod on a bench but thankfully after leaving it there for a good 30 minutes no one had taken it, I was happy to be able to use it later to take some pretty cool shots of the park and city.

We made our way back to Naomis place where we ate some leftovers and I had a nap.

We later met up with Eric (whom I met with Naomi in Santorini in Greece) and his girl friend for bubble tea, I tried the mango one that was sickeningly sweet but still good with those crazy slimy balls at the bottom of the glass.

We played this card game called Guillotine which is a crazy game and to took a while to get used to, it was fun for 2 games then we set off back home.

We had a few more drinks and then we got some Nachos at a vegetarian place down the road where I met another one of Naomis friends (Jesse) where we talked for a while about cycling.

Olympic Nuk-Shuk, Vancouver HDR
Olympic Nuk-Shuk 2, Vancouver HDR
Drinking and Cycling... Always Fun
Cruising about Stanley Park, Vancouver
Naomi Posing on a Pole.
David Lam Park, Vancouver, Small World.jpg

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