Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Naomi volunteers some weekends to take some paraplegic people trekking. I decided to join as it would be an experience and also helping out the disabled. We left around midday to North Vancouver after eating some lunch/breakfast. There are some nice trails around and when we arrived I got to meet a bunch of volunteers and 4 people in Wheelchairs, they were each put on special single wheeled off road modified chairs where 2 of the volunteers would have to support it both at the front and back of the chair.

I helped out in front for the good portion of the 2 hour trek and ill tell you what; it really gets you into shape especially having to carry them up and down stairs.

I got to meet some cool people and had a lot of fun.

We stopped by the supermarket and I got some food for my trip. Oh, and guess what I found some Mi Gorang noodles!!!!! YAY! For those who don’t know they are the best 2 minute noodles you can get and taste amazingly good.

Later I chilled at Naomis place whilst she was dancing (I’ve seen a bunch of videos and she’s incredibly talented), I cooked up a roast and started marinating my beef Jerky im attempting to make. I also made another pop can stove which involves the base of two pop or beer cans fitted together with a series of holes on the outside. The fuel used is Methyl Hydrate and it works a treat as you can see in the pic.

Volunteering on a Hike, North Vancouver
My home-made Pot Stove made from Beer cans! works a treat, Aye

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