Tuesday, 31 August 2010


What a busy day. Running about a bunch of stores sorting out different parts for my bike and other shit I needed for my trip.

Last night I was looking on Craiglist and found a guy selling his front Pannier rack for $20, its normally worth $40 so that was a good deal. I was suppose to meet the guy at the community center around the corner from Naomi’s place but went I arrived to meet him it turns out the community center had moved. I rushed to meet him and fortunately caught up with him.

I then went shopping for bicycle parts including tools, lube and pannier bags.

Whist doing this I had my bike locked up using a baggage lock I bought in India, its not the securest lock for my bike but it had to do.

When exiting one of the stores I see a guy standing around my bike and when I approached him closer he sees me and hops into his car. I thought this was a bit suspicious but thought nothing of it until I unlocked my bike, it seemed this guy tried to rip my bike from the post as there are now deep scraches from the chain in the frame of the bike. By the time I realized this the guy had sped off in his van… what a prick!

Anyways, later I looked around thrift stores for something I could use to modify my back rack so it could support my rucksack, whist looking I found a pair of aluminum crutches for $3 I only took one but it seems to be perfect to support my bag. I mounted it using cable ties and its now rock solid.

Across the road from Naomis place was another thrift store, this place was amazing where you are able to sort through all the junk and everything is dirt cheap, I spent a good hour and a half looking through all the junk. I even finally managed to find myself a cell phone for $5, a bumbag for $1 (for the front of my bike that a specialized one costs $50) and another bag that fits my laptop very snug.

I headed back to home for a nap before Naomi and I headed to a party, it was her ultimate frizbee teem. Now, I had heard the name of the sport but never played it, it seems to be more or less like netball but using a frizbee instead of a ball and played on a court similar to American rules football. This party was just a gathering of her teammates to have food and a few drinks and it was great fun, I got to meet some randoms and the food was so good.

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