Tuesday, 31 August 2010


One month today ive been traveling for 5 years… that’s Crazy.

After eating the left-over spag-bol for breky at Christinas I cycled down the hill to the hostel where I was meeting with rose to take me to Vancouver, I said my farewells to everyone and after packing the car with my dismantled bike got out of there at around 1pm.

It was a good but hot journey in her car as the air conditioning was broken but still Rose is a barrel of laughs.

Looking at the road from Merrit down towards Vancouver I thought I really should have cycled it, it was downhill for what seemed like forever… ive have to do this at some point.

We got into Vancouver where I was dropped off at Naomis place, I first met Naomi in Greece 2 years ago and shes always happy to put me up every time I pass through Van.

She fed me a nice meal and an extraordinary dessert which was blueberry and lemon zest cake… it was delicious.

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