Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Jeremy took me to the airport at 7 giving me 3 hours before my flight.

When I entered the security gate the officials telling people not to take liquid and other dangerous goods told me if I had any type of marijuana type substance to hand it over to them for them to take home.I joked with them for a little while and it was extra funny because they were Indian and said I look like Andrew Simons, exactly what Indians kept on telling me back in India.

Walking around I met an Norwegian girl (Fiona) who was flying home after some time in SE asia and Australia and I chatted to her before she boarded her plane also giving her some chocolate as a gift…. I don’t know what I was expecting giving her this, but if anything it was a nice gesture.

By the time I boarded my flight I was nackard, I was much in need of sleep, instead I watched the new transformers film that was terrible, took a sleeping pill, ate lunch and crashed out a good 5 hours, thankfully I had the entire 3 seats in the middle row to myself so I could lay down for the duration of the flight.

I woke to be given a fajita and some drinks, I even managed to get 3 more fajitas and a bunch of aeroplane food because I told one of the stewardesses I was hitch hiking to Kelowna and also because they were just going to throw it away.

When I walked up to customs the official the woman was very blunt and direct, asking how long id be staying in Canada, who I would be staying with, how much money I had and so on and so forth. It was quite a scary moment because I had to lie about the fact I was working because apparently my visa doesn’t authorize me for reentry. Later as they singled me out from the crowds leaving the airport (probably from my dreads) I met an Australian girl who also had the same visa and told me the “NOT AUTHORISED FOR RE-ENTRY” on my visa does not apply. So basically I did not need to lie at customs. Meh.

Whilst waiting in the very slowly moving crew for 3 hours I had to rip my bag apart explaining in detail everything in my possession, soldering iron, chef knife, sleeping pills receipts and so forth… it was a long process and perhaps not far from being finger fucked by border security.

Anyways, I finally made it out getting on the new sky train to the center of the city and made my way to the Samesun Hostel I have stayed at on plenty of occasions, I didn’t need to stay there but needed to use to internet to contact Naomi using skype because my phone for some reason doesn’t work.

I hung around the hostel until Naiomi came to pick me up where I bumped into Stu and Adam who lived with Diane last season in Big White. Crazy!

I spent the evening with Naomi, Eric and some of his family at Erics place eating some sushi and for some reason which I apologised for later kept on talking to them really slowly as if they couldn’t understand me, like in Asia (Eric and his family is Vietnamese) but of course their English is perfect.

By 9pm I was nackard so Nai and I headed back to hers and I passed out on the couch.

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