Wednesday, 26 May 2010


I woke early today to catch a ride with Nai to the skytrain where I headed using public transport to the furthest I could get to outside the city, at this time the weather was good and within 30 minutes I had a ride with an Indian guy who took me further out of town.

He even offerd me some money for a greyhound bus to Kelowna but I thankfully refused.

Where he dropped me off wasn’t the busiest of entries on Hwy 1, I stood in the rain for 2 hours with nothing but a dick who stopped until I lifted my bags and drove off. I HATE it when people do that.

Anyways, cold and frozen to the bone I gave up on the hitchhiking and walked to a local bus stand asking directions on the way and was given a cup of coffee from a lady who could obviously see I was freezing. I got on a bus to the center of Abbotsford where I waited for the greyhound for 3 hours to get to Kelowna that set me back $60. That type of money could literally get you all around India.

I wondered around town for a while using the free internet at a café to contact a few people and tried sorting out my phone but Canada being the worst place in the world to own a phone and that part of the department was closed for the day I was unable to fix the problem.

I passed out on the bus for a good few hours and woke at a service stop. I met a guy there who accidently missed his bus to Kelowna and had to hitchhike to Kelowna, as a gift I gave him my Kelowna sign I made in Vancouver to aid him on his trip there.

I arrived in K-town where I called Deb to come meet me, we went to go grab a beer where we chatted for a good while and caught up. I then called Christina and went to her place which used to be closer to the Greyhound station. She had moved into a lush place “up on the hill” where she was sharing with 4 other girls… I was only spending the night but when (not if) I come back to Kelowna Christina said I was more than welcome to stay with her. I stayed up quite late telling the girls stories of my adventures they all being enthralled and interested… a few beers for all of us would have helped this situation. ;)

But as everyone had to work in the morning we all set off to bed.

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