Wednesday, 26 May 2010


A night of sleeping on the hotel floor turned out to be a very good nights rest and because we were delayed another day from setting up camp for tree planting we had the whole day to kill. Personally I would have loved to have spent another day in Kelowna with Christina and her housemates but shit happens.

It was still a good day where we spent most of the day at the swimming pool costing only $2 for entry.

All of us were doing flips and dives off the varying height diving boards and it was good to chill for the day after the amount of traveling I had done over the past 5 days.

We just muffed around town looking in op shops including Vakue Village (love that place) and I tried sorting out my tax rebate but unfortunately did not have enough time in the day to sort it out, next time im back in PG, ill get it done.

Because all of us were short on money we decided to camp out for the night in a park close to town, earlier in the day we went dumpster diving in the wholesale supermarket skip where we got our hands on cheese and vacuumed sealed gourmet cooked sausages that were all still good despite being expired a while ago. The food we collected we made toasted cheese sandwiches over a camp fire before crashing in a forest between a dirt service road and train tracks.

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