Wednesday, 26 May 2010


I had a terrible nights sleep on the couch at the girls place, I honestly don’t know what time of the day it should be for me cause of the amount of traveling ive done in the past few days. But I took a sleeping pill that managed to put me to sleep for a few more hours at mid-morning.

I said farewell to Christina and I got ready to leave with one of her housemates as she was headed into town dropping me off at the greyhound station.

As it turns out I could of saved myself $20 for my trip to Kelowna yesterday if I showed my youth travel card I had got in London a long time ago. Damn!

Anyways, I saved a little on the journey to Kamloops where ill be meeting Cole then headed up to Prince George.

Meeting up with Cole, we headed for lunch with his twin sister who by the way is beautiful at an all you can eat Mongolian Grill where you fill up bowls of meat, noodles, veg and sauce where they stirfry it all on a giant hot plate. It’s a great idea and so simple, the only problem I had was the fact they overcooked the beef, but that didn’t stop me going back for seconds asking the beef to be rare and partial frozen.

The 7 hour trip up to PG was good considering I slept for a good portion of the journey and when we arrived we met up with Chris, Alex and 2 other guys where we shared the hotel room costing $12 each… what I paid in India for almost a week.

We had a few drinks and talked about our winters.

At one point alex and I headed to the liquor store for more beer when we were approached by some natives offering us some beer, they asked what type of cigarette I was smoking and I told them it was a bidi that I brought back from India, the woman must have been confused, drunk or just plain dumb as she told me that I cant use the word Indian in this country as the Indian people here like to be referred to as ‘Natives’. I said I bought them from India and did not say Indian but she got all riled up telling me not to use that word, it was annoying and we lost our patience and left. Later when in the hotel this woman shows up again asking us if she could use our phone and if we wanted her company… if you know what I mean, we just shut the door in her horrible looking face…

This is Prince George!

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